Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A couple trades to share

Today, just simply exactly what it is titled as I have a few small trades to share.

First up was a small trade with TCDB member dcdeacon. The trades covers a couple of different sets I am looking to finish up and clean up. 1990-91 Pro Set is busy because of all the errors, so I want to collect those on top of a complete set. I figure that'll mean having about 1,000 of these cards when all is said and done as I think there are about 300 error cards.

This was also helping the 1990 Topps baseball set, as did the other trade I am sharing today.

The other trade was with 860502, and as you can see, this heavily helped 1990 Topps as well, along with a 1986 add, and some Jays.

Ah, Juan Gonzalez - you were the man in Ken Griffey Jr. baseball on Super Nintendo - loved playing with him in that game.

A couple sets I really like - the Turkey Red which I knew about, and 2001 Stadium Club of which these are my first Jays cards and they look very nice, not surprising for Stadium Club.

Lastly, a trade with dgonzales406 to help a few sets as well...

This might just finish off 1990 Topps, but I need to double check, again, and brings a few others a little closer as well.

A few excellent trades and excellent trade partners - thank you both!

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