Thursday, November 15, 2018

CNE Pack #13 - Oh Clancy!

We have seen a couple Goodwin Champions cards out of later sets, but here is one out of the 2011 year:

Another card done well for a big name in hockey during the 20s and 30s. I don't specifically consider this a Maple Leaf card as he player for multiple teams and isn't pictures as a Leaf in the card...could argue otherwise, but I don't think I will here.

He won a Stanley Cup with Toronto....I wish there were more people around today that could say they did that....

A few more hockey keepers....

Aurora is an interesting set and awkward designs that generally sit well these days, and remind us of how Pacific was a bit out there at the time.

The other keepers today - wrestling!

Old at the time and no longer really needing to be in the ring, Foley and Nash didn't need to be wrestling this late in their careers - but I guess money is money...Whereas Angelina Love was a mainstay of the TNA Knockouts division and had a good run with the company.

Traders today....


Yeah, still not a fan, still not going to collect them, still....waiting for someone to be interested in taking them off my hands!


We end with the usual suspects - none of which again, were needed for me on completing this sucker...

I did get some more wrestling cards via Listia...

Happy getting a couple Bliss cards and Renee Young who I always enjoyed on aftermath on Aftermath on The Score.

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