Friday, November 23, 2018

CNE Pack #19 - Canadian Baseball

It's funny, being in Canada, I would have thought I would end up with more O Pee Chee baseball cards growing up. By this, I mean the late 80s when the O Pee Chee set was very much similar to the Topps set and design. As it ended up though, I didn't. It may have been originally O Pee Chee, but somehow ended up trading a bunch away and don't remember they were specifically O Pee Chee instead of Topps, but however it was, for some sets - I just don't have much.

1989 is a good year to show as an example. I have the set completed for Topps purposes, all 792 cards, but for O Pee Chee, only 29 of 396 cards. That's after including the few new ones below...

Also some hockey and wrestling keepers in the one as well.

With the handful of New Era TNA cards, I don't mind the design and the cards have been pretty good too. ODB is definitely a character that over the years, outside of the attitude era, probably isn't going to fly in WWE, but she has done well with it in TNA. I'm not sure how anything related to Hall and Nash could possibly be in something called New Era, but from a quick look at the checklist, I think it is kept to a minimum.

As promised, there is some Toronto content, though again, not a new one...

As well as a bunch of traders as well.

I think cards got a little stuck together given the couple duplicates for the TNA New Era cards, but at this point, building up on wrestling cards, not bad having a few extra duplicates for trading purposes.

On a separate note, I recently received a package that was a well overdue PWE...

My first two 2008 Bowman Chrome Jays for the collection. A nice little PWE, even if it was a good 6 weeks or more later than it should have been.

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