Monday, November 12, 2018

CNE Pack #11 - Another Pack at the Park

How can I possibly complain about a pack that gives me another 6 cards from this set? Okay - granted - I am no fan of Claude Lemieux (see his hit on Kris Draper for why), but the design at least makes him appear classy.

These were the other couple new to me hockey cards - similar sets to what we saw before.

Then we have this...

I don't know all wrestler tattoos, so if it wasn't for the James Storm name, I would have been really confused. Still - not sure I like the design and card in general, but it is a wrestling card at least. I could have done with a full shot showing the tattoo and then a write up about it on the back, and we are done and happy, just like that - too much border and not enough picture here though.

This is an upgrade. As much as I am close to done on 1987 Topps, I do have a few cards I wouldn't mind upgrading (they are very warped), and now I need one less.

Cards of intrigue I am only temporarily housing (see...traders)...

Does someone want me to start collecting golf, because it isn't happening...sorry. Plus marks for the scorecard border design though on Roberts.

A bunch more duplicate 1987 Topps followed by a rare (at this point) wrestling card duplicate, and one we basically just saw the other day. Oh well, bound to happen!

Not too shabby a day!

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