Saturday, November 10, 2018

Trade with not just any Smith

So I received an offer request on TCDB from someone new to me and fairly new to the site, RJ Smith. Without any feedback, my habit is just asking if they can send first, and I can't say I have run into a problem when doing so. It wasn't a big or expensive trade, so I probably could have sent at the same time anyway, but kept with my habit regardless.

So...what did I get...

Though I have the set completed, there are a few error cards I am looking to get another copy of. These are both grammar related errors - a missing comma and a spelling mistake. Small items, but still worthwhile for error collecting.

Have to have some Jays if we are including some baseball. Here are four more 1994 Topps Jays that I didn't have yet, the biggest name of the bunch being Paul Molitor.

Last cards in the PWE...

An excellent throwback design and feel set, kinda Heritage like, and a team photo!

I have said before I miss these team photo type cards, so happy to get this one into the collection, and to have made a new trade friend/partner!

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