Friday, November 9, 2018

CNE Pack #10 - Park it here

Today's pack from the CNE bring up one of the sets that I have come to like and have about 30-40 cards from.

Have to like getting a decent bunch of players AND a long time ref! More credit to give to the set for including a ref (or two) in the set.

There were a couple other hockey keepers...

Similar sets as yesterdays, but luckily different cards.

Happily, not just hockey card keepers, but as seems to be the case, there's some wrestling in this pack like the last few...

The independent circuit darling Young Bukcs here, back from their time as "Generation Me" in TNA. I haven't seen enough of their stuff to judge them to be as good as they are billed to be or not, but they have done well to make a great name for themselves, earned or not. I am a WWE fan first, and catch bits and pieces f other things, but as I say, not enough to judge myself.

Ad for the traders...

A bunch of baseball, but from a set I don't need much from unfortunately.

I will say, another decent surprise card here - the Victory March golf card. Don't know the golfer myself, but a decent enough design!

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