Monday, February 10, 2020

A pure base completed and a hit

Two more packs today, and truth be told, this is about as awesome as two packs of Triple Play are going to get (well - 2013 Triple Play).

Pack 17:

A couple more of the base card needs knocked off including Cutch in the always appropriate Pittsburgh garb.

A few insert keepers here as well, including one of the tradition cards. These are, in many ways, similar to the cartoon stickers except...they are cards. Apparently the card version is more rare falling only one per 12 packs.

A couple dupes to end.

Pack 18:

Yay....a "hit". As weak as these are, they fall one every two boxes or 48 packs,s o I lucked out getting one in this box. These generic pieces don't come from much of anything. I could picture them going to a retail store, buying some bats and cutting them up for these cards. Still...a hit.

Here are three more base needs which leave me with one last one and...

A perfect card to end the pure base completion on. So that makes the 90 card pure base with only the 10 short print cards left to round out the full base set. I'll probably look for them since I should be able to just pick them up by way of trade, but regardless, this gives me another completed set for the year.

Oh, and there was another insert keeper...

and insert dupe...

I probably don't need to open much more of these packs, but since there are some short prints to be had, and other inserts, I'll still finish them. Besides, probably can't pay someone to take the packs off my hands....

18 Packs, 127 Cards, 396 Points.