Saturday, February 15, 2020

Another View

For the different view, it's almost enough to make it worth collecting this insert set...

These Net Cam cards are great for the alternative view, and giving something you don't really get in hockey, a decent arena view card. Would be a nice insert set maybe - A View From Here with shots of the arena from the net or centre, stands and all.

Yeah, the gold parallel is a nice "new to New York", Rick Nash.

A couple set keepers...

Lindstrom with a full 20 years of stats detailed out on the back. No bio on his card, but the stats speak for themselves, and glad to have them do so.

Dupes today...

A solid enough pack, hope a few more turn out this good, but we shall see.

2 Packs, 14 Cards, 40 Points.

Probably a good day to do a quick round up on a few Listia cards. I really don't do much on Listia and the cryptocurrency continues to degrade, and as do the value of what you get for doing surveys, but still a few cards out of it for nothing...

The Magic cards tend to go for somewhat reasonable prices so those at least are alright. I also picked up another copy of the awesome Skydome card from 1992 Triple Play and a single card add to the slow 1982 Topps build.

A nice little variety of cards for nothing other than maybe an hour or so of my time opn surveys.


  1. The net cams cards have sweet photos. I'm a big fan of the those Triple Play cards and that is a great photo. Fun post.

    1. Really are sweet photos - wonder if we could get a net cam set...

  2. I consider that Score set my second favorite NHL set currently, although there are still a lot I have not experienced yet. Still a long way to go before I could think of completion but I enjoy it all the same.

  3. The photo angle of the net cam as well as on that Sky Dome card are really cool.