Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Not so Original

For the set that this is, I really do like the small 6 card insert set...

which has one card from each of the original 6 teams. Unfortunately, I am missing a single one of these cards to complete the insert set, but Bobby is not the one I need. Go figure, the one I need is some guy named Gordie Howe - go figure that's the last one to get.

I did get a few new base cards though...

The Lundqvist highlight today is for his play in the Winter Classic, which is fair enough. I enjoy the winter classic and think it is great fun for the players to get a chance to play outside.

The required gold parallel for the pack is also a need thankfully.


Well, at least the Boston card will find a new home with a Boston fan, but if anyone desires Brenda, just let me know.

Still a couple more packs of this left from the box, but if I keep adding three or four new base cards each, that works for me.

5 Packs, 35 Cards, 106 Points.


  1. 263286 got ya covered , pulled it and will send it this week!

  2. Never seen those Score The Franchise Original Six inserts. Very cool. Looks like COMC has the Howe you need for 77¢.