Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Bringing me down and back up

2013 Triple Play isn't the most exciting product, but the box thus far has been alright - some base needs knocked off, a couple Jays cards, a couple new inserts. Well, that changes today.

Pack 7:

Those are all the keepers for me - a single base, and a single insert - that's it.

The dupes...

This pack looks quite similar to one just the other day. Bound to happen I guess given the number of cards in the box, and the number in the base set.

Pack 8:

Sparse on the second pack as well for keepers.

Another bunch of dupes. Yeah, I don't these packs really did much for me.

8 Packs, 56 Cards, 167 Points.

Let's go through another bunch of new to me Magic cards from my December purchase - a better way to end today than Triple Play.

These are starting around the edge of time that I stepped away from Magic, the late 90s. Tempest (the storm cloud symbol) was a set that came out while I was still playing, but I wasn't buying much anymore.

Same can be said for Urza'a Sage (the gears), right through Prophecy (the Chimeric Idol at the end). Actually, Prophecy would be about when I stopped playing, so my artifact collection there was sparse, but I have been filling it in.

As it turns out, Prophecy only has 6 artifacts to the set, and I had one, so with the 5 here, it's another set I have completed the artifacts for. That makes three sets all in which is pretty cool. Usually there is atleast one higher priced artifact card in a set that will make it too expensive for me to get a complete set like that.

I don't want to gloss over the nice artwork either - a couple good examples here - I love the perspective on the Well, and the Juggernaut is a great looking contraption.

We end getting into some more Mirrodin set artifacts. As I say, with over 100 in the set, there are plenty to choose from, and many are at low prices like 15-25 cents each, so manageable.

Still one more batch of cards aside to go through, but maybe in a couple more days to help ease the Triple Play pain.

Actually, one more item to bring me up a little bit more. I got a quick PWE from baseballcardstoreca with another 14 new to me Toronto cards...

Now, I don't know who ever played with round playing cards, but they make great looking cards when you throw a goalie on them. A great variety between the 4 here and Cujo in his Oiler uniform too.The set stands out from the first playing card set shown above. The first is from 1996-97, the round from 1998-99.

For the Jays cards, we sit squarely in the latter part of the 90s here as well. Always happy to see more Joe Carter cards I don't have, and really like the look on the Stadium Club card, just watching the hit (let's assume home run).

Pacific cards here with Perez and Escobar are a decent enough design and the first from that set for me too.

The Vernon Wells Holo card is, not surprisingly, amazing in hand with a great little effect to it. Also happens to be a one card Toronto insert set, so that's really nice too.

Another great little package, and much appreciated!


  1. All of those Maple Leaf playing cards are cool. I've seen round ones before, but have never actually played anything with them.

    1. I can see shuffling being a little more challenging...