Thursday, February 27, 2020

O Pee Chee Insert

2015-16 Upper Deck is one of the flagship sets that I haven't had much collecting in, so not on my keeper list of sets. Inserts yes, and this one is a solid one.

A stud of a player, he has been tearing it up this year with the Rangers. Add to that this being a retro O Pee Chee rookie, and that's a solid insert.

As for the base cards themselves...

No surprise - a solid design again, and some alright cards here with the highlight to me being MacKinnon. Not a lot to say otherwise, but just the quick pack today.

One left from the box tomorrow to finish it off.

14 Packs, 100 Cards, 305 Points.

Today, also want to do a quick Christmas share as I have it going into the collection now - and it is the thought that counts. My in laws know nothing really about sports cards, but know I collect and every now and then pass on a small stack they likely pick up at the Value Village in town. This typically means junk wax that is over priced, so it can be hit and miss. The chunk of cards this time was all 1991 Upper Deck baseball - a set I am slowly collecting, and need plenty from, so this pile ended up doing just fine.

Only one Toronto card...

But with the terminator, a bunch of adds...

And not too many dupes...

1991 Upper Deck is such a nice clean design and solid set - will have to finish this one off one day.

One more share - because I have time today, and don't know when to tack these on otherwise. I don't do much on Listia anymore but did pick these up as a way to do something with my credits...

The Magic card is a new add from 2008 Shadowmoor, while the Lucien is a 5th copy, but was cheap. Yeah, not likely to do much on Listia these days so don't expect to see much more from there any time soon.

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