Thursday, February 20, 2020

Stat errors and McDone

Onto the second last pack of 2012-13 Score to come out of the NHL Championship Collection box, but a first out of the error card...

Interesting to see such a simple error, but there is only a single stat line, but it is mislabeled as being 2011-12 stats when it is in fact from 2010-11. Simple mistake, and never corrected, but makes it into the error binder for me. Not the greatest line of stats, but easily verifiable as an error.

The required gold parallel, which was a need, as were...

While the best of the bunch is one of the dupes...

Michael Stone is a solid rookie card to get, just unfortunately one already in my collection.

7 Packs, 49 Cards, 146 Points.

As seems to be the case happily these days, I have another quick bunch of cards from baseballcardstoreca, and the majority of them are able to help me knock off a set I really, really love.

I love the 1998-99 Upper Deck McDonalds set. The acetate, the imagery and effects, the high calibre players. It's a shame the set is only 28 cards.

These cards are all in excellent condition. A couple of the others I have are a little scratched up on the back, but nothing terrible and I happily will live with it. This is  a set that will go nicely on display in a plastic case.

Not being done with just those...there were also...

A trifecta of 1994-95 Upper Deck Leafs which include my two favourite captains in Sundin and Gilmour.

We end with some Jays including a couple Donruss Chrome...I mean, Optic. I can't say I love the Optic more than the standard Donruss design - it's just different. Either way, these ones are now mine - yay!

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  1. Loved those McDonald's UD Ice sets from the mid 90's. Beautiful cards.