Monday, June 22, 2020

A Bear of a Pack

I really do love Mascot cards. They could have an insert set in every set and that would be fine (maybe no colour parallels for the insert set though). I haven't checked but mascot looks are changed up often enough there would be at least a couple changes each year I would figure. It would be cool to be able to pull a team's mascot card for a good 10-20 year stretch to see the change over time. Unlike players that age, I suspect most of these would actually be quite ageless!

My son's favourite player, simply because of his name and because my son is 9 years old - Albert.

Polanco is a star in picture in this bunch though between the scoreboard background and the great bright yellow Pirate uniforms.

3 Packs, 21 Cards, 64 Points


  1. Years ago (back when the Giants were winning the WS every other year) the gents were talking baseball at lunch and Albert's name was brought up. A few of the ladies joined the conversation when they heard his last name. We started talking about Coco Crisp and Milton Bradley too.

    1. A good couple names too - Milton Bradley is one of my personal faves as far as names go.