Sunday, June 28, 2020

Having weekends back is nice

It's nice, I mean, February through May I basically worked all weekeds to some extent. June has been busy, but getting a couple actual full weekends has been nice. I have been able to actually spend time with the kids, rather than just see them around the basement as I have been working, and it has given me a bit of time to actually get a bit caught up on some card stuff - sorting and putting cards away is very therapeutic.

Now, the weather outside is at times a bit hotter than I'd prefer, but since there is still not too much reason to go out, not much of an issue, but now that I am not working as much, I feel the pull of wanting to "go", a bit more.

Speaking of go, these all get to go right into the collection and slowly walk the percentage completion on this set closer and closer to 40%.

Best of the bunch is the Garver mid-swing one, but the best card of the pack is...

Now, let me separate - I like the card as the inserts are great. I still am not a big fan of Martinez - some things, like Zimmer throwing - just never become something easy to get over and forget. I know I am someone who holds grudges and onto things like this probably too long, but that's just me.

Would have been much easier to like the guy without that incident.

Heck, I still have a hard time letting the Alomar spitting incident go, and I like Alomar a whole lot more than I ever liked Pedro.

9 Packs, 63 Cards, 243 Points


  1. Love that floating bat Calhoun. I liked Alomar until the spitting thing and kinda forgot about it until now. Hirshcbeck forgave Alomar and eventually, they became friends.

  2. Not gonna deny that Pedro could be a jerk... but Zimmer was charging when Pedro tossed him to the ground. Was Pedro a little excessive? Probably. But when you've got a 200lb dude screaming and running at you... things can get a little carried away.

    1. Agree, it looked a lot worse than it really was - not like Pedro body slammed the guy - but he didn't come off apologetic at all after the fact that I recall.

    2. Knowing Pedro... he's still holds a grudge against Zimmer and the Yankees. He seems like one of those Jordan dudes who stirs up drama to get himself pissed off and mad as some sort of motivational tool.
      So I'd have to agree. He probably wasn't very apologetic.

    3. I'd probably do the same thing if I had a giant rabid gerbil chasing me (Fergie Jenkins and other Red Sox came up with the name while he managed there)
      I'll admit I only ever liked Pedro in an Expos uniform.

  3. Voting for the Pedro.

    My sympathy for Zim is in the mail.