Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Ending in the Dirt

So, in picking up the last pack, it made a sound I was not use to hearing with baseball card packs. It gave a little swooshing sound.

Before opening the pack, I took a look at the set inserts and figured it must be one of the dirt relayed cards, and it definitely felt thick and hard enough to have something like that in it...

That;s a really different card. I had never heard of these before getting this one. I guess they will make anything into a memorabilia card these days. With my enjoyment of ballparks, it is really cool to get a little bit of "dirt" from one of them.

Oh, and the odds on this - one every 804 packs!

Given there was this very thick card, instead of the usual number of cards, only two, with the other one being...

An insert - first pack of cards I can remember getting where all the cards were inserts, but I will take it.

A great way to end this box, and definitely one of the top pulls so far this year.

11 Packs, 72 Cards, 1,071 Points

1) 2019-20 Upper Deck Tim Hortons Packs 336.5648
2) 2019 Topps Chrome Value Pack 332.3750
3) 2019 Topps Opening Day Blaster 1 14.8750
4) 2018 Diamond Kings Baseball 6.0400
5) 2019 Topps WWE Women's Division Blaster 5.6825
6) 2017-18 Upper Deck CDN Exclusive Series 1 Box 5.5128
7) 2013 Triple Play Baseball Box 3.2588
8) 2017 Topps Series 1 Baseball Jumbo Packs 3.2222
9) 2017 Panini Chronicles Baseball Blaster 3.0000
10) NHL Championship Collection 2.8818

That great last pull blasts this pack into the top three for the year, a great showing. Wonder if the second one of these that I have will come anywhere near that, but guess we will have to wait and see.


  1. Not only is it a rare dirt relic card, but it's Joey Votto!

  2. Wow. Sweet Votto. Hadn't seen these Diamond Relics before, but after doing some homework... it looks like the A's have two guys on the checklists. KD in 2019 and Chapman in 2020. Gotta track down some of that Oakland Coliseum dirt.

    1. It would be cool to have a set and be able to compare the different "dirt" used.

  3. Cool!!! Almost seems like an easy item for a pack/blaster searcher to find. Glad it's in your hands!!

    1. Yes, wouldn't think they would make it easier for pack searchers.