Monday, June 8, 2020

A lesson in photography

So, having been disappointed with the backs of the cards in the first go - I was to focus on the fronts. As much as I dislike cards that don't have licenses so as to show logos, etc, these are done fairly well...for the most part.

Top middle - perfectly expected baseball card photo. Not over the top, but solid and simple, I am fine with this though it doesn't stand out when talking about baseball card photos.

The one next to it on the right. This picture totally gives me a stalker he trying to hide in his shirt? He sees you but doesn't want you to know he sees you? Yikes!

The 200 on three bats - tells a story in a simple photo of Rose reaching 200 hits - I get this with no explanation necessary. To the right of it...okay....not sure the story behind a crouching rRose, especially when it doesn't seem really in frame, unless the focus is his lower back.

The first photo in these is great in showing a young Pete Rose happy to be there and getting paid to play the game he loves. You can even see the large contrast in his look with the photo just below it.

At least we end with a solid action shot on the base path.

These cards definitely have a wide range (good and bad) of photography!

4 Packs, 25 Cards, 82 Points.

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  1. I feel like the B&W photography helps. I'd never go out of my way to recommend this set to anyone outside of Pete Rose fans... and maybe Reds, Phillies, or Expos fans. That being said... the product was an affordable way to add the All-Time Hit King's signature to your collection.