Wednesday, June 3, 2020


A few days ago, we saw plenty of A's, but definitely had some more in the cards from Jeff. Heck, onl a couple unclaimed cards to find homes for, but both A's...

First - shouldn't really be a surprise that they are out of 1987 Topps since everyone and their mother has cards from the set.

Second, look at that difference in green used between the two - very noticeable. I think the Tony green is correct and Chris is just off and too light.

Maybe a printing error of some kind, but there were real errors...well, a couple UER cards...

Which provide a lead in to the base card keepers for the day...

As I say, more A's, though the McGwire 1988 All Star card is a great one to add, even if it was printed 5 billion times. He still looks jacked, though very young, in that card.

Another bunch of 2018 set additions too, though I may be closing in on about 15-20% of the base set, so a good long way to go. Every time I see Odor though, I just think of his beef with know, back when the Jays were contending...though may be not too long for those days to come again (I hope).

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