Saturday, June 13, 2020

Mellow Yellow

Two packs in a row with Ted Lindsay cards, not something you would expect out of a 2009-10 set.

We also get a nice yellow parallel which apparently are every 20 packs, so a nice job on beating the odds there. Here, I can at least understand with a border parallel meaning something because it does drastically change the card as you can see, comparing this to the regular base cards below.

These don't provide a lot as far as action goes, but they do a great job with the aged and weathered look.

As for the speakers...

No luck on getting any Leaf pick ups with the stickers either today. If the set wasn't so big, these are decent enough, I could almost be talked into collecting the set.

Didn't notice yesterday, but did today, the small national flag added on the border is a nice little touch, adding another piece of information to the one side, simply, with the design.

A better pack than yesterday, let's see if it keeps getting better tomorrow!

2 Packs, 18 Cards, 41 Points


  1. I just noticed the flag on the stickers. I agree. Nice touch.

    1. Sometimes it is the little things that give that memorable touch.