Thursday, June 25, 2020

Opening Yay!

First a big congrats to the 2020 Hockey Hall of Fame class which may be headlined by Iginla and Hossa, but great to see a couple deserving names get in with Kim St-Pierre and Doug Wilson. Truth be told, Doug Wilson I remember distinctly from his 1991-92 Score San Jose hockey card which I swear, I must have pulled from packs 50 times back as a kid.

Especially this year, the importance of opening day has been more top of mind, and what better way to remember opening day festivities, than cards like this...

With the baseball season given some direction (truth be told - I am still not sure if it will actually get to happen, especially given the number of players that have recently been testing positive for COVID-19), Opening Day finally has a date to look forward to.

It makes obvious sense to have an Opening Day insert set in Topps Opening Day product. Sure, it isn't very imaginative, but sometimes things don't have to be. A bit surprised the insert set doesn't include a card for each team, but can't win them all.

This specific shot is a great one as I am a sucker for a great stadium shot, and this is probably top three now as far as the Skydome (or Rogers Centre) goes.

This obviously makes this pack a winner for me, which works out well because otherwise, I split the back half/half with keepers...

and dupes...

Still happily creeping along with the base set, and at least we have a dirty Lorenzo now for the base!

6 Packs, 42 Cards, 173 Points


  1. Baseball this year will be almost a joke. I love it but a season with playoffs after 60 games means little to me. The Tigers have had hot starts the last couple of years. How hilarious would it be to see them make the cut?

    1. I think it is almost a given that this year needs to be taken with a grain of salt because one good run by any team, and you can get into the playoffs. Assuming .600 like 2019 in the AL, to make the playoffs, that's 36-24 which is essentially .500 ball plus a 10 game win streak. Alternatively, if a couple teams have big runs, maybe .550 gets you in which would be 33-27 - a mark many teams could make.

    2. Rather see them in than the Yankees..

  2. Very happy to see Doug Wilson get the call. Now if they could just have him sign SJS cards. He has quite a few Blackhawks cards, but I've never seen a Sharks one.

    P.S. It cracks me up how much Judge towers over everyone else.