Monday, June 1, 2020

Topps of the pile

Today, another 50 or so cards from the Jeff Scott baseball card selection to see what fills gaps in my collection, what I can send off to fill gaps in the collections of other people, and lastly, what I can show here to hopefully fill some gaps for your collection - just let me know.

As I have mentioned here, I have a ton of sets that are slow builds - sets that I don't actively go after cards for, but if I get them, I keep them to put towards a set. Well, today, we hit a bunch of those sets with most being Topps since, well, they do run the show these days.

As you can see, 2018 flagship Topps seems to be the big one today. Sure the 80s and 90s were nice with the variety, and I am still working on some of the Fleer and Upper Deck sets from back then, but these days, it's Topps or...well, other Topps products....or the not as licensed sets.

Like any good repack, we get some parallels and inserts still...

A glossy and a Jackie. I will say, Topps does a decent enough job in bringing cards with old stars to the sets, but going a little more off the beaten path would be nice to see once in a while. Jackie is awesome, and love the cards, but a "History of The Game" type insert set which focused on the important but no so over used stars would be nice.

Various error cards - all being UERs except for Johnny Bench who I was happy to find, the back misaligned just enough you get the end of the card besire it on one side so, reason enough to have him stick around the collection.

Lastly, a scan full of cards which didn't find a home in the various packs I am putting together, so these too can be yours...

Just let me know if you see anything you like. Remember, deal is first, if you can use it let me know, and if you can happen to send anything Boston Bruins related my way to pass on to Jeff, even better. Not sure when I'll be able to do it, but will let you all know!


  1. I have a Score Top Rookie Bryan Smolinski and a a Pro Set Platinum Performer Andy Moog. is this enough for the Fleer Bo Jackson?

    1. Let's connect - would want to send a few things since the envelope would be going anyway. Send me an email or reach out otherwise and we can figure it out. I could use the Bo in my set, but happy to let it go from Bruins for Jeff instead.

  2. Kinda surprised to see that 88F Cecil Cooper. Didn't realize he played into the late 80's.