Sunday, June 14, 2020

A bit too on point

No matter how things may be better (ish?) than a few months ago, this is definitely been a rough year and hearkens back to similar dark times in our history. This so happens to be be a day where one card captures that.

Bennett was Prime Minister back during the depression of the 1930s - a very hard time to try and lead the country through such a tough period, and not sure if anyone would have been able to succeed.

Trudeau is in the process of facing similar difficulties this year - 2020 will be remembered by everyone who lived through this year, and the leaders of our times will be remembered for good and bad of how things have gone, and continue to go.

Well, if I am going to get base cards - Gordie Howe is a pretty great one to get!

We end with another handful of stickers with no luck on the Leafs front.

3 Packs, 27 Cards, 52 Points

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  1. 2020 will definitely be a year people will be talking about for years to come.