Thursday, June 4, 2020

Getting Through The 80s

Sometimes random chunks of cards are nice enough to have a theme, and that continues today as all the cards from Jeff Scott's baseball cards today are from the 80s.

If I haven't mentioned before, the 1984 set from Topps was one of the first sets I ever had cards from, even though I got them a few years later. I traded a small pile for a huge pile of 1991 Donruss (a bad trade now of course), but wouldn't mind having the set in my collection eventually now.

Though I don't collect 1981 Donruss, will happily hold onto a card that is badly cut with a bit of another card showing. You can't quite see it on the front, but at the very top you have to bottom of the name from the card above it. Good enough for me!

A bit surprised to come across a few Jays, but will take them no problem. None were new, but all are great!

These are all up for grabs if you want them. A lot of 80s Fleer which, I just never had much of a start on any, so all good to find a new home.

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  1. Wow. Didn't realize the Pirates were still using the pillbox hats into the mid 80's. I would have guess that they got rid of them sometime in the early 80's.