Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Closing off the legend

Three more packs, and close to a complete set as the collation has been bang on.

Continues to be with the first pack which has card number 1 - a young 22 year old Pete Rose...soo young.

Pack two...

Includes the two last cards to close off the 50 card base set - excellent! The dupes from the pack are...

So that leaves me with one of these...

Which I am not even going to bother opening, but instead put aside for sending off to someone. Not sure if that makes it a nice surprise, or more along the lines of a Triple Play pack...

9 Packs, 55 Cards, 158 Points.

I can't complain as I did get the complete base set and the promised autograph, even if it may not have been the most exciting product to open.

1) 2019-20 Upper Deck Tim Hortons Packs 336.5648
2) 2019 Topps Chrome Value Pack 332.3750
3) 2018 Diamond Kings Baseball 6.0400
4) 2019 Topps WWE Women's Division Blaster 5.6825
5) 2017-18 Upper Deck CDN Exclusive Series 1 Box 5.5128
6) 2013 Triple Play Baseball Box 3.2588
7) 2017 Topps Series 1 Baseball Jumbo Packs 3.2222
8) 2017 Panini Chronicles Baseball Blaster 3.0000
9) NHL Championship Collection 2.8818
10) 2012 Leaf The Living Legend Pete Rose Blaster 2.8727

It does sneak into my top 10 openings this year - I know, very prestigious.

Well, for the price, which I believe was about $10 Canadian, it was a decent enough pick up, so I am happy, and that's a good way to leave this one, happy!

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  1. Can't pass up that price to add a Rose autograph to the collection. In fact at $10CDN, I would have bought a few more.