Friday, June 26, 2020


So many thoughts with this one card:

- Why is it that he began to get single name treatment?
- I am old enough to remember he actually had a first name
- He was a great hitter
- He will always be synonymous with the Mariners
- Man, those wrinkles around the eye may make him look old, but dude is having a good time

Always nice when you can get so much out of a single card, so happy this has a place in my collection. The story on the back is about him walking away when Ohtani first was introduced to him, only to walk a few paces as a joke and turn around to greet the new star.

We get mostly base additions from the rest of the pack with the Springer dive taking best action shot of the bunch, though Sean wins best last name in my books.

The dupes...

Another solid pack of 2019 Topps Opening Day - four...more packs to go, can't forget that bonus pack.

7 Packs, 49 Cards, 190 Points


  1. If I recall, the One Name treatment for Ichiro was a carryover from Japan.

  2. I like it when they put Ichiro's full name on his cards. And it's funny that you mention the wrinkles around the eyes. A year or two ago, my friend and I were shopping at the mall when this lady approached us about some anti-aging cream. She wanted to try and guess our age. My friend didn't want to play, but I was game. I was blown away that she hit it on the button. Normally, people think I'm five to ten years younger than I actually am... but the lady said the crows feet wrinkles gave it away.