Saturday, June 6, 2020

Ending in the 2010s

A quick go through today, but the last bit of cards from Jeff Scott, including a bunch of needs from newer sets.

What does it say that the best card to me of all these, is the Seattle stadium card? There are some great shots through these, and star power with Judge and Scherzer.

Inserts and odd cards include...

I can honestly say, I had never heard of this Holiday Inn set before, or of course the related Cal Ripken Jr. insert set. The design reminds me of 1999 Upper Deck with the border design, but with Holiday Inn colours for the time with the green.

Cal does a great shilling job in these photos - looks totally into working that laptop!

The inserts also include the closest thing to a vintage Sandy Koufax card with the 35th anniversary card here with a great classic photo.

We end with a couple cards up for grabs - nothing too special, but here regardless.

Now that I've gone through all the Jeff Scott cards, I am going to send out packages that I have put together for people (well, topping them up with some cards I threw in from what I had for traders, and accounting for the fact I was able to send some of them off already). Happy to have the cards all go, great if I end up with a few cards to go back to Jeff with some Boston Bruins for him, but a fun exercise and appreciate he passed the cards my way to do it.

Tomorrow, we move on to something else (not sure yet...but I will assume it will be card related).


  1. That Safeco Field card is awesome! I love the 2019 cards with the stadium shots. When I took my parents up to Seattle a while back, I wanted to catch a Mariners game, but it didn't fit into the plans. The next time I go back up there, I'm going to a game.

    1. Very cool. If it wasn't for all the necessary travel and expense, I'd love to go to each park in person.

    2. Although... it won't ever happen. Visiting every MLB ballpark is on my bucket list :)