Monday, June 15, 2020

Yellow would have suited him better

I am, and always have been, a Leaf fan first, but my second team when it comes to hockey is the Pittsburgh Penguins. I know that love started with Lemieux and Jagr, though I can't really say why that duo spoke to me from watching highlights and news about the NHL, or seeing their play against Toronto, but it did.

Man, this card would look so much nicer in that yellow parallel. I am not really complaining in pulling the red parallel, it's fine, but that yellow instead we saw a couple days ago would be perfect.

Our mini from this pack is another Prime Minister of Canada. I am not a big history buff, but these mini subsets are really nice and getting the full set would make for a nice framed history piece for teaching.

No leafs in the couple other base cards...

Or in the stickers - though we do get a more current reason I enjoy the Pens in Evgeni. They have had a few great duos.

4 Packs, 36 Cards, 72 Points


  1. Maybe you can find somebody who has the yellow one and trade this one for it.

  2. I wasn't a Penguins fan, but I loved using them in NHL 94. That line of Stevens/Lemieux/Jagr was good for six or seven goals every game.

    1. Definitely a great line in the game. My SNES recently died and I am debating getting a new one, or giving up on it because I have all the SNES games, etc on my computer anyway by way of ROMS, etc. One reason I am debating keeping is just for that game alone as the original controller and play still feels different compared to a computer controller experience.