Friday, June 5, 2020

Sorry Mike!

I have to apologize to Mike, going through the cards today, I thought about Mike from Not Another Baseball Card Blog as I went through the cards today because there were plenty of Montreal Expos. Here are the keepers for some base sets I am working on....well, mostly 1989 Fleer.

I apparently needed many Expos, and got a fair number of them here, including Otix Nixon. I still picture him more with Atlanta due to the Jays bs Atlanta in the early 90s.

Well, at least it wasn't all 80s base additions here - a handful of newer ones too!


I know, Diamond Kings are a subset, but still awesome. Charlie is one that I didn't know anything about until looking into it or this post. I guess good reason as he really had 5 seasons with Montreal from 1980-84, then a cup of coffee in 1987, then 1988 in Minnesota. He did end up as the winning pitcher from the 1984 All Star Game.

Yeah, a bit of a different career than the Iron Man, Cal Ripken Jr.

I picked up a few more UERs, as is the case with 1989 Fleer...

As we do with these Jeff Scott baseball cards, we end with those cards I haven't found a home for yet...

Up for grabs if any are wanted!

One more day of Jeff Scott cards to go.


  1. Voting for the DK Lea. Altuve gets an honorable mention.

  2. Charlie Lea is an interesting one.. He was born in France and played for the French Canadian MLB team.
    That is a nice batch of Expos..