Wednesday, July 1, 2020

A dabble of everything on Canada Day

The world is very different this Canada Day to last - no way to overstate that, but it is still Canada Day so we celebrate in our own way. Here, on the blog....yeah, I am not one for themes or specialties, so let's just go with this...

Well, with another box behind me, today we have a PWE trade that I have finally gotten around to sharing. This one from althib at TCDB. I have had a few trades with althib over the past few years, and the fellow Canadian has been able to send along dribs and drabs from different things I collect, and that's true here today in our trade.

A splattering of base cards from sets I am slowly working on, and a couple nice 1989 Donruss MVP inserts, including everyone's favourite Ozzie (sorry Guillen).

Just a few Jays before getting to some hockey.

Yes - there are a few checklists I consider Leaf cards and this Donruss one, dead centre, definitely fits the bill.

I really like any design that brings out the blue colours with the Leafs, they just look that step better. Never seen the Ice Wars cards before and a nice light blue border makes then solid, and does the Ice design with the couple toned blue border.

We end with what is my first Leaf card from the 2004-05 In The Game Franchises Canadian set. I am not generally a fan of In The Game sets, but the old school design and retro players, I can get behind this one.

A separate PWE that was unexpected, and in response to some cards I had just sent to althib with no expectation of cards in return, and I got these...

My first cards from 2010-11 Panini Limited. Both being SNs out of 299, and looking excellent and shiny...a great way to end the post!


  1. Happy Canada Day! Seeing that Ice Wars card sure brings back fond memories. It's from the 1995-96 Be A Player set... which offered up one autograph per pack. I loved that product... even if they couldn't use NHL logos in their photos. The Ice Wars subset featured some of hockey's tough guys back in the mid 90's.

  2. Voting for the MVP Ozzie.

    Enjoy your holiday.