Friday, July 3, 2020

Completing an insert set

It may not be a big set, and it may not be an overly difficult set to complete, but it does mark my lucky set number 13 that I have completed this year, and it came by way of a PWE.

Another small trade to share today, this one from TCDB member galemann, a fellow Canadian though he is way out on the coast of BC.

A few different things here.

A few 1990-91 Upper Deck base cards to continue the slow set build, a couple late 90s Leaf cards.

Then we have the second to last (I still need Stevie Y) 1999-00 McDonalds set card - a Dallas Eddie.

The bottom row we have the lone 2018-19 O Pee Chee Blaster Box Leaf card in Nylander, and the last Timmies checklist card I was missing in order to complete that 5 card insert set!

I  am not a big fan of the All-Star unis or logo that year, but do appreciate the overall design for the insert set.

Nice to get so much in a single little PWE!


  1. I like that All-Star logo on the McDavid. Of course he'd be the last one you need, but that's the great thing about TCDB.

    1. Yes - it would be interesting to look at how much of a difference being part of TCDB has enhanced and added to the collection. Honestly though, it is more the enhancement to enjoying the hobby that is even more beneficial.