Wednesday, July 29, 2020

A quickie in pack 23

Always a good way to start a pack for me...

Definitely on my all time Leaf team...hmmm...maybe that's something I should do in the future...

A name that is a mouthful....and....

A decent group of keepers, highlighted by Marleau. With that, a quick pack today!

23 Packs, 161 Cards, 987 Points.

Given that was soooo quick, let's share another PWE trade, this one from multi-trade partner althib at TCDb.

We get a sprinkling of Leaf additions including my first SP Authentic card from 2011-12.

Some Leafs filling early 90 needs including 1991-92 Pro Set French which I am still missing a coupe Leafs from.

We have a few set needs from slowly worked on sets and end with...

This Die Cut parallel set for 2017 Centennial is probably the most pointless set I'd like to complete since I have the base set done, and the only difference here is the cut shape. Dang it though, I really like them. 34 cards down and 66 to go, but big thanks to althib for getting this one to me!


  1. The Sundin from the pack.

    The Curtis Joseph from the trade.

  2. I'd love to see your all-time Leaf time. I wrote about my all-time Sharks team a few years ago...