Monday, July 20, 2020

Global Connections

Let's get the usual out of the way...though no Leafs, six more base cards that I need...

Well, Alyn isn't too far from a Leaf since this is shortly after his Toronto departure to San Jose.

Today though, we get a new insert set to talk about...

So...wait....okay, I know Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne so I can tell you who they are but why would the design not have their names on the front? Well, apparently from checking and logging this in TCDb, this is actually an error card because the foil is missing which would have the names in the burgundy stripe along the bottom and the 2005 Pacific logo in the middling white box. An unexpected surprise bonus.

Now, back to the card itself, an interesting theme with teammates in the NHL, but talking about the different impact on an international level. Kind of a friends but foes type of look to it.

14 Packs, 98 Cards, 456 Points.


  1. Every time I see/hear Selanne's name I think of the line from the Arrogant Worms' Me Like Hockey
    "Me not like Swedish players' name.. What's a Teemu anyway?"

    1. Though they may say Finnish.. I can't really remember at this time..

  2. Weird seeing Selanne and Kariya together wearing Avalanche uniforms. It's like seeing Roger Craig and Ronnie Lott wearing Raiders jerseys back in 1991.