Thursday, July 30, 2020

Red and Blue

Though I am not a fan of leading with a Montreal card...

even I have to admin the red and blue colouring with the blue foil parallel is pretty nice. With the red border, like this better than the red foil. I can't knock Saku either, never really irritated me as most Montreal players do.

Best of the rest has to go to all around "good guy", at least that is what I always remember the stories and comments being about him, Mike Modano. May not have the Toronto connection that Andreychuk does, but have to give Modano props for a great career and tenure as a well received captain.

24 Packs, 168 Cards, 1,015 Points.


  1. I didn't hate the Stars as much as the Red Wings, but I sure didn't like them (especially after Belfour chose to play for them for less money). But I always liked Modano. If I ever dive back into hockey card collecting, I could see myself collecting him since his stuff is pretty darn affordable for being one of the greatest hockey players born in the USA.

    1. Fully agree all around with you on that one.