Monday, July 6, 2020

A Spiffy PIFfy

Today I get to share an unexpected package that came as a single stuffed PWE, which surprisingly had 36 cards packed in (with postage of about $4, which makes sense, but still surprised it mailed so nicely in a PWE.

This package came from avsbruins65 at TCDB and I would like to go through with you today as it has taken a while for me to get to actually posting about it.

We start with the first bunch which are just on the outskirts of my Leafs collection. I only count these because they do specify that these are Toronto drafted players, and these happen to be the gold parallel versions of these Classics cards.

The package had a lone Jay, but a good one with a Vanguard Delgado - 200 being a perfect year for filling holes in my Jays collection, so that's great.

An excellent bunch of Leafs which include covering some retro Leaf cards including a few from 2006-07 Parkhurst. I also love the Artifacts Steen, but they are all great additions!

Here are my first 2014-15 Upper Deck Masterpieces cards, and like Artifacts, these are sets that are hard for me to dislike - beautiful cards, great card stock, and excellent players to have chosen. That love started with...

2008-09. These two cards help with the set build,. It may only be 87 cards, but the base set has been a slow go after getting a good start from the Santa Lot a few year ago. Definitely want to finish this one at some point though.

Amazing pay it forward package and many thanks to Mark.

Oh - and quickly before I go, a one card Listia win...

Woo hoo - always enjoy a pre-80s Jay. May have already had one, but now Willie has a twin Willie friend!


  1. More than welcome, just sending cards to people that need. PIF

  2. Had no clue that Upper Deck produced a Masterpieces set in 2014-15. That's awesome. Love that product line.

    1. Me either - and I agree, the product line is fabulous.