Sunday, July 19, 2020

Let's Make It Three

I thought two packs in a row with Leafs was impressive, but let's make it three! Owen was a solid Right Winger for Toronto for about a seasons worth of games played over two seasons. I do remember him much more for his time in Quebec early in his career, but that was also when I was first really following hockey closely, so that is probably related.

Another "standard" insert of the red parallel variety.

All base needs, and let's take a look at the top prospect...well, he ended up well travelled around the world. As far as the NHL goes, he did get the 7 games noted here in Chicago and in 2005-06, added another 10 games there, but he also played in various leagues in Canada, Austria, Russia, and Italy.

13 Packs, 91 Cards, 403 Points.

To end on a completely different one off note...and inoffensive Listia pick up,a as usual;, super cheap...

My third 1987 Fleer Buck, which was for a few cents with free shipping...sold!


  1. For years... Owen Nolan was my favorite hockey player. In fact, I still have my entire card collection of him from the 90's.

    1. Cool - how big a collection is it? Just curious.

    2. I've got a 2.5" binder filled with his cards. I'd have to sit down and count, but I'd guess 300 to 500 different cards ranging from 1989/90 7th Inning Stretch to late 90's stuff with the Sharks. This was probably the closest I ever got to becoming a super collector.