Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Well, not THAT Montreal goalie

He may not be the first name I think of when thinking of Montreal goaltenders I remember watching growing up, but he is probably number 2.

He wasn't nearly as offensive to me as Roy, partly because I don't think he had the same success as Roy, but he did have some solid years as recognized in this All_Star game card with he being the winning goalie from the 2005 All-Star game.

Too bad I did the back post yesterday as Luc Robitaille would have been a perfect one with his career having started in the 1986-87 season. Oh well, can't win them all.

9 Packs, 63 Cards, 269 Points.

Another first time TCDb trade partner had their package arrive today. This is from ldtaft and it included something unexpected.

So, when I am made an offer, I don't typically look too hard at what I am being offered as long as it is from my want list. I apparently missed that there was a CD-ROM on TCDb which was of course put out in Post Cereal, and one had a Jay on yeah, I got it. The great news is, since it is still in the package, into the unopened pack collection it goes, I guess!

A bit of 1991 Bowman help and some other odd Jays, including the lone Toronto representative out of the 1985 Glossy All Star set in Steib.

A great little pack and much appreciated.


  1. That CD-ROM is cool. I'd love to track down a complete set of those.

  2. What was the CD ROM from? I don't remember them..

    1. Not sure what Cereal, but seems to have been a Post product...Post Major League Baseball CD-ROM's
      The set of 6 cereal inserts from 2003. The discs have home run video clips, an interactive baseball game called "Home Run Derby Showdown," virtual trading cards of top players from Upper Deck, a RealOne player with a 14-day free trial to RealOne SuperPass, and 1045 hours of free Internet access from AOL.