Wednesday, July 8, 2020

First team score

Before the next pack, just wanted to share some pain. So, TCDB recently updated the 1989 Donruss baseball set for the various variations regarding dots after "Inc" and stars around denoting league leaders, which result in 4 different variations of most cards in the set.

I went through all my cards including those for trade and ensured they were now entered correctly. Yeah - that was fun...but my OCD made me have to once it was available to do so.

I had to atleast do the trade cards as I want people to be able to match up to the exact version, and me not have to think about it later when pulling the cards.

Well, one mini project out of the way.

Also wanted to give a couple quick shout outs, one to Jeff Scott and one to TCDB member egreenwo - I received unexpected packages from each, which I will share here in the coming days, but wanted to ensure they knew the cards arrived and how appreciative I am!

The second pack of 2004-05 Pacific hockey cards today and though I didn't scan them, I should mention the backs.

As much as the fronts are "okay", the backs have the one item I really like in any card - full year by year stats. Sure, there isn't the write up to fill space even when the stats are only for a couple years and don't take up much room, but if it means I get 20 years of stats for long term vets, I can live with it!

Speaking of vets...

Given the 1 in 10 pack odds, and now getting two of these in a row, I presume it will be a while before I see another in these packs, but I will take a short term Leaf and Hall of Famer, anytime.

A short term Leaf with only 15 regular season games on the club, he will always be remembered more as a Ranger (does anyone remember his last days where he was a Bruin?).

In those 15 games, he did end up with 15 points, and in the Leaf playoff run that year - he had 8 assists in 13 games. Not a long tenure to be sure, but a tenure that was put in haockey card form at least!

2 Packs, 14 Cards, 96 Points.

I'll end today sharing a quick PIF I received as I mentioned, from TCDB newer member egreenwo. He sent a message just asking for my address and that he wanted to send a couple cards my way, so after obliging...

The (very) slow build of 1982 Topps continues with a nice Jim Rice addition and...

A couple 80s Jays needs. These two look a little dazed (Key) and confused (Ainge), but they have a nice new home in my Jays collection. Always appreciate the kindness of others and just another great member story from TCDB - so many who use it as a nice way to give rather than just receive.


  1. I haven't started my Donruss cards yet - not looking forward to it!

    1. The one I am not really looking forward to is the 1990 set - 1989 was a paid but doable. Luckily, I think my traders are down from what they were a couple years ago, so should have less than before, but still...I think it may have more than just 4 variations per card...yikes.

  2. Hmmm. Guess I need to dig through my Gwynns and see how many versions I have.