Friday, July 17, 2020

Toronto Connections old and new

Another pack of 2004-05 Pacific today, I know, shocking, but we get a couple good Toronto connected cards today including...

A great Eagle card with a full front full photo.Eddie won me over as a far of his.Early in watching the Leafs I wasn't a fan with him on Chicago, mostly because he was so good and caused the Leafs problems. Never could deny his ability, and the fact he then became a Leaf for a while solidified how good a goalie he was as I got to watch him play that much more than I otherwise would have.

Here is another Toronto connection, post his time in the city. The blue parallel with the lightning isn't too shabby either. I remember him well from his time with the Leafs that I find it hard to believe he was really onlt on the team for 2 full seasons and a part season before and after, all in the early 90s.

We end with all the new base cards for the set/collection and another solid pack in the books.

11 Packs, 77 Cards, 337 Points.


  1. I know I've mentioned it before, but I see no difference between the base cards and the parallels. It really bothers me. Ha.

    1. Yeah, the foil, especially scanning is hard to see the colour difference on.

  2. Forgot that Belfour played for the Leafs. I remember him playing in Chicago, Dallas, and of course SJ. Can't say I'm a big fan of the guy. But that's because I'm a Sharks fan. I doubt there are any Sharks fans who like the guy.