Friday, July 24, 2020

Get Out The Calculator

Definitely not a bad reason to have to when the pack today brought out this mutt...

I mean, come on - Rangers uniform on him, Montreal logo in the background, and the jersey is from his days as a Pen, which at least agrees to the picture on the back. I mean, great, you probably hit on a number of different team collectors here, but very inconsistent.

That said, this isn't the normal everyday jersey card which fall every 18 packs (well 2 per 36 packs as say the box, which really annoys me). This is the gold parallel which, as you can see, is only numbered to 50 (the "regular" ones are generally, but not all, numbered to 850.

Well, since I know their odds, know the number of those cards printed, know the gold parallels printed...some simple math gets the odds on the gold parallel to about one every 279 packs!

The base card needs, which, as you can tell are not the usual six cards because...

we have our first doubles. My guess is this may be due to it being a pack with the jersey, these may be done separately from the rest of the box so there would be dupes here, but only time will tell.

18 Packs, 126 Cards, 828 Points.

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  1. Whoa. Three teams. One player. Gotta say, I normally don't like it when swatches don't match the team (or in this case... teams) on the front of the card, but in this case... this card is awesome.