Thursday, July 2, 2020

(Un)expected returns

So a couple months ago, I sent a number of packages to a number of people just filling holes, and a lot of it was with cards from Jeff Scott, another local guy that gave me cards to send loose where they were needed. I always put in a note just, if they wanted to send anything back, Bruins were good so I could pass those to Scott.

Of course, no surprise given the TCDB community, and the blogs, that there were some cards included for me, which I am grateful for, but were totally unnecessary.

As I want to keep the Bruins cards a surprise for Jeff, I will just share the "me" cards.

From kdinthejaw...

A couple nice Parkhurst Leafs from 1992-93 which I needed as dupes for the slow set build.

Doug will almost always win as best card in the PWE if he's there, and here is no exception as this is the 2009-10 McDonald's Checklist insert card, only Leaf one too so a nice get and a good looking card.

A separate envelope from althib with a couple more Toronto cards...

A nice Bowman Wells, and Jonsson, both needs in my collection, and a welcome surprise couple of cards.

The other part of today is more of an expected return - a new trade partner of TCDB with corey42080. He offered up mostly a bevvy of Bautista but with a little EE as you shall see...

The 5 Tool inserts try a little hard, and 5 images I find to be a little much, but those 2013 Topps Walmart blue border Jays are still very sweet looking. I appreciate the trade Corey, and hope we can do more in the future!


  1. I've never seen the Gilmour card before. Very nice!

  2. That 2013 Topps blue bordered parallel of Joey Bats is really cool.