Monday, June 20, 2022

A Score Sampling

A perfect example today, of why I love buying these assorted sports card lots - I get to see cards from sets I never saw, hadn't cared to know about, and see some stuff that I hadn't, as well as then having a goal of finding those cards a happy home if it isn't with me.

Today we get 1991 Score - of the football variety. 

Only a handful of cards, but enough to make some comments and observations, and do a quick dig on the set.

If you know 1991-92 Score Hockey, the front design looks very similar though a slightly different colour. The design is fine - nothing spectacular, but it works, and the photography is solid which was true of Score products at the time, and the backs again are similar to the hockey release, though the bronze coloured border stands out compared to the white border in hockey.

No big names, though I do know of Rick Gannon, but of the cards in the set - not that any are very valuable, these don't have the big names like Montana, Marino, Smith.

5 new traders I didn't have before today though!

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