Sunday, June 19, 2022

Pinnacle of Success

It has been a little bit since we were dealing with the lot of cards I am working through - the COVID Lot as it were, but time to head back and spend some time seeing what else was in this lot.

I think this set will end up looking pretty complete when all is said and done with going through this lot of cards.

Won't scan all of the keepers, but there are about another 100 and I am already over 50% complete on the base set. The cards are generally in order, with a few cards missing, though not necessarily the big names, so they may be somewhere else in this lot.

I may be mainly a team collector of Leafs and Jays, but I appreciate the good completion of a set, though I do find it hard at times to focus on what sets I actually want to work on.

As I say, you can see that the stars see to be here - Ranford, Roy, Sakic, so time will tell, but given the set, shouldn't be too bad trying to complete as long as I can get most of the way there.

It's also a set that I have most, but not all the Leafs for, so that shouldn't hold me back much either.

Time will tell!

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