Saturday, June 18, 2022

Trade Time

Pretty obvious that today, we get to share a trade - this one with TCDB member CollectorTBNL, who happens to be a fellow Ontarian. 

I believe the nice little Humpty Dumpty potato chip Jays card from 1993 is the last one I need to complete the set - just not sure if I have then all packaged, not, or a mix.

The 1988 larger Hostess cards are my first of those versions and their circular with straight sidedness.

A couple nice hockey card pickups as well as any vintage Leafs are more than wlecome!

Most of the trade saw me get some 1997 Oh Henry Jays cards - my first from the set, and a good portion of them as well.

Love these team sets, and though the colour combo isn't the greatest, still love the additions.

1992 Donruss "dot" variations because that whole Inc versus Inc. thing went for a few years, so need those variations for my Jays!

We end with a bit of an "oh well" as I recently received two copies of most of the 1993 Donruss cards here that I need for the set build. Not a big worry though, happy for the trade fodder to turn them into ones I do need. Amazing how easy that can be with TCDB!

Appreciate the trade, and look forward to hopefully doing another soon!


  1. Always happy to help a fellow Jays fan with their wantlist.

    I definitely recognized the Donruss cards a few posts back. Hope you'll be able to quickly flip the dupes!

  2. Those 97 Jays cards are.. Interesting..
    Maybe once I get things sorted, opening the trade floodgates again.

    1. No worries, I keep putting Expos aside for you....not sure I have any in my for sale/trade listing. Probably about 100 or so, waiting until you are good and ready to receive, and also waiting as I might as well send a small box/packet which may hold more.