Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Face To Face Games

 So I was taking a peek around at Toronto card stores to see if there was anyone new. I don't know why I was doing this other than it popped into my head, and figured I'd do some googling, and lo and behold, I came across Face To Face Games, which I had never heard of before. They are located in midtown Toronto, and when I happened to look, their weekly sale was 30% off played Magic singles, so, at those prices they were similarly priced as 401games, but with a bit different selection, I was able to find $20 worth to make shipping of the cards via regular mail, free.

So lets see what we got...

The first two cards are from the 2000 set Beatdown, which was a box set, so not cards I would have come across. They are the only two artifacts in the set, so good and done with them now.

Keeping with the box set theme, the square cornered Jade Monolith is from the 1994 International Edition Collector's set. Not a ton of those sets were made - I think it was about 10,000 sets or something, so getting the cards, and in a good quality given the age, is hard. I have a couple Collector's Set cards, but this is my first International.

The last row of the top and top row below are my favourite as I lived in 3rd Edition, or Revised, and these are all 4th edition which was pretty close in cards and quality - just vastly over printed.

As I am not missing too many lower priced older cards (and was not looking to spend $5 a card), so it kept a minimum of what cards were there, that I picked up. Still, nice to fill holes on some of the 25 year old sets.

My favourite pick up has to be the Hot Tub though. Too bad the website doesn't work anymore, but Unhinged, like any of the Un sets, were so fun to me.

The store is definitely up the alley of collectible card games - they don't appear to do anything in the sports card genre, but if you play collectible card games, may be worth checking them out!

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