Saturday, June 4, 2022

Always Willing To Make A Trade Happen

A quick post today - it's a great Saturday, plenty of outdoor work to be done before the really warm weather hits, and hopefully a garage sale to plan for in the next couple weeks as we have a bunch of stuff that's gotta go (I may also have some dime boxes I put out to see if I can get some movement on the not so fast moving traders I have...), but this post is more about moving those traders regardless of what I get back.

If you ever want anything from my cards to trade, but you don't think you have anything to trade me - don't worry, reach out as I am sure we can make something happen. Heck, I did a trade with Shaw Racing at TCDB and got back some 1990 Donruss error cards, dupe Jays I didn't need, but was more than happy to get in exchange for trading away some non-sports cards that don't fit anything I collect.

Now, I am not a big fan of having to go through and check asterisk and dots for making sure these are coded exactly correct given the different variations, but I can live with that.

If it means being able to help someone else further their collection - I'd do these kinds of trades in a heartbeat. Heck, don't tell anyone but I'd probably just pay it forward in many situations if we couldn't come up with a trade, I mean, I'd love someone to do the same for me.

May not be December, but it's always nice to give - whether you believe in karma or not.

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