Friday, June 3, 2022

Shapely Jiggle

 Now that I have your attention - a few cards from the COVID lot to share today, and man, did these cards like to wiggle around when scanning, but you can see why...

The fanciness of mid-90s SPx cards. Between the shapely cut and the holo design, they just screamed special. The players are a pretty good name of names at the time.

In hand, the holo pictures do really well to move as you tilt the picture side to side, really well done and miles ahead of what I think of as hologram cards from the early 90s, specifically the insert Upper Deck hockey ones where you can hardly even find the image, let alone any movement on it.

The backs are pretty solid too with good write up and stats, and a "normal" picture as well.

My one big complaint - orientation. In order to have the bottom face this way, you flip the cards bottom to top, or a vertical turn, instead of the usual horizontal one with cards. It's a bit weird since I don't think many cards do it that way that I can remember, at least.

Still - cards I hadn't seen before, let alone in hand, so another thumbs up for knowledge and experience coming from a lot purchase!


  1. Great set. Love all of those SPx one card pack cards from the mid 90's.

  2. SPx was the was too expensive pack back then so i avoided it like the plague!