Sunday, June 26, 2022


 No - not some kind of code word, put a TCDB member who was a new trade partner and was a quick PWE of cards each way, that I get to share with you now.

It's one scan, don't blink or you will miss it...

There are two players that I don't think I have pulled in packs, that are Toronto players, big names, that I have collected essentially, exclusively by trade. Vladdy Jr. for baseball and Auston Matthews for hockey. Newer players, been around a few years, I haven't bought new product really and if I did I may have only got one or two cards of each.

So when I look at the fact I have 49 Matthews cards now - it reflect to me on how much TCDB has added to my ability to collect efficiently and economically. I love it.

As it turns out, there was another Auston card which was supposed to come across, but human error, it didn't and I told Darksnark not to worry about it - not worth the postage hassle, and the trade was fine without, but he said he pulled it, put it aside and next trade, he will send it out with. Very cool, and a good example of 99% of the TCDB membership.

None of these completed any Toronto sets for me, but that's alright. First Metal and Artifacts cards from the respective year/sets, so that's cool.

Hyman is one I wish the Leafs would have kept, but no such luck.

Appreciate the trade and look forward to the next...and I have a couple others to share the next couple days!

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