Sunday, June 5, 2022

Sharing Another

 Well, shared a trade yesterday, why not another today!

This one is a quick PWE from Toronto native - and someone I may just be able to meet up with one day - TCDB member Nathan-John-Mercer. As I have noted before, a source of some wrestling cards as there aren't a ton of members on the site who are into wrestling cards.

2021 Topps Heritage for WWE is a really nice set. I like the little changes they made to the classic 1990 design, and the card stock is excellent and thick. As for the content - yeah, there's Boa, but Alexa Bliss, who is one of my favourites, Dana Brooke, who deserves better than she has gotten these days, and Bayley who is another of my faves, so a great bunch. I only have about 40 of the base cards, but I do have another blaster box sitting near by that I should go through (though as you may know, I still have boxes I bought in 2019 on my trip to Dave and Adam's that I still haven't opened - 2015-16 Upper Deck Champs - which I bought for $40 and regret not getting 10 more of - I am looking at you).

Apparently 2006-07 Gatorade was a set? Never heard of it until seeing these cards. Nice to find pretty cool looking cards you never new existed!

Oh and Johnny Bench to end is about as good a finish as you can get!

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