Thursday, June 23, 2022

Look Up The Word

 Today we continue a begrudging task with regards to 1992-93 Upper Deck hockey cards - study that hologram. I have a complete set of Upper Deck logo only hologram cards, but have for some reason start work on the text and logo hologram version/ Why? Apparently I like suffering.

Today I studied these cards as hard as Peter studied that helmet. I ended up with two more needed cards of the almost 20 here. Most of the rest were not the text version anyway, but the couple others that were, I already had.

Such variation hunting becomes a bit more problematic as you trade and need to walk people through the differences, or take your chances in getting cards that are not the variation you want. People make mistakes, it happens.

Anyone else bother with master sets on any of these hyper-variation rich sets. Donruss baseball late 80s to early 90s, I am looking at you.

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  1. As I catalog my collection/hoard at TCDB an ever going superduper non-ending task I find these miniscule variants annoying to very annoying. The holograms are the most obnoxious variants in my opinion as I need to shine a maglight or similar very bright flashlight onto the hologram to tell which one it is. Normally I wouldn't care but for the sake of possible future trading or selling it needs to be done.