Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Frequent Trader

 I have a handful of people on TCDB that I have done 5-10 or more trades with, and today is another PWE trade with such a person - althib. A trade which involved some hockey and baseball, and brought back some hockey and baseball.

A few different things in the package including my first 2004 Upper Deck First Pitch Jays cards, a one and done 2003 Ultra Photo Effex card. Hadn't seen those cards before either, so cool to find out about it by getting it in hand.

We also have one of the many 1990 Donruss error cards, and even a Leaf Dyagon Ice card to boot.

If you want to go by scarcity, this might be the winner though as the 2020 Topps Update blue parallel cards were Walmart exclusives. Like the use of the darker blue as it's more in tune with the team colour and makes for a better card, though nothing screams 2020 baseball cards like fuzzy backgrounds and empty-ish seats.

Very nice PWE - would love to get one of these done a day!

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