Sunday, June 12, 2022


 Well, I had thought the rest of the team baggies from Swing and A Pop-Up were all Jays, but I was wrong...

The good news is, these are all of course needs for the set, the bad news, and this happens now and then, is that I took my time getting to them, and think I have a trade recently where I will be getting second copies of a couple.

Not complaining, it happens, and that's OK.

Now, the rest of today IS all Jays, and from the 1993-95 years. Again, an awesome job was done that all of these cards are still needs - which is probably helped by my not being that busy on trading in April/May still.

A nice mix of the Jays hitters at the time with Duane, Pat, Jack and Mike, and also a man who caught a lot of them then too with Pat Borders. Pat was a solid catcher, but didn't bring much with the bat hitting a career average just over .250, and not a lot of power - though that was typical of catchers, so I took a look at his WAR ratings. As I figured, he was just a bit above average on offence and defense as a Jay - which is about all you can ask. I lost track of him a bit once he left Toronto, and as I waned a bit in following the Jays in the later 90s so didn't realize her played for 8 other teams in his career (with 5 of those being for 31 games or less, each).

I think Shawn Green wins as far as that Top Prospects card goes.

Highlight card for today though is the following Top Prospects card...

As it is the last of the Jays cards in 1993 Topps to finish off that 33 card team set - yay!


  1. The Joe Carter Headliner insert is cool. Topps should do something like this (don't card companies borrow ideas from each other?) except actually use newspaper clippings related to the player featured on the card.

  2. I wish the photographers in 1993 were able to get a pic of Carter mid jump after the Walkoff homer. A card similar to the Bautista one would have been cool..